What is your birthday month

what is your birthday month

What is your birthday month

You know what, every one is different from others, every one  will have different way of thinking, would be different on thought process, positive minds and negative minds. Let’s see what is your birthday month and what it indicates about you.


First month of the year, people who born in January are dream hunters, they are sensitive in nature, sometimes they use to think out of the box, They like to be independent not to depend on others, people born in January are quite emotionals characters, they cry like a little kid, they hide their personal pain inside and will act like nothing was happened, January people are husband and wife material.


People born in February are quite multi talented, most of the time they live in their imagination world, kind of lazy, kind of stubborn and quite sensitive. February people are creative mind set persons, they are good listeners and they know when to talk and how to talk,  these February people live their half of the life in imagination world, they give important to self respect, they are not dumb but they are romantic. Most of the people from February are Introverts


You can find the People who make laugh to other people with their words and actions, the people of March are quite impressive in their characters, their behavior is the main asset to impress to other people, they are quite ambitious towards their Carrier, they don’t like to depend on others, they love so much and they will not get return what they expect, fun and real characters are the main asset to the march born people.


Rebel candidates and bit more fun and anger are belongs to the month of April. They are people who will not expect anything in return, kind hearted and dumb minds are the common elements can see in April born people, they sacrifice the things which they don’t need to them and they won’t take easy on any matters, they try to solve the problems with out asking any one help, April people are quite  rough outside and sensitive inside.


Bit confused, foody, intelligent are may month born people, they like to spend alone, some times they love to hangout with friends, they observe the things from far and use their brain when ever time comes. Smartness, positive  thinking are their core values, they love to spend money, may month people are only one who will not celebrate their birthday’s in schools and colleges.


Money savers, attitude, sensitive, ego hearted, helpful people are born in this month. They give more importance to family rather than friends. They attract any one easily with their attitude and way of talking, these June people are extreme innocent and extreme aggressive. Most of the June month people will  find their life partner  in a unexpected manner. They are ambitious people but they will not find any routes how to chase their dreams.


Attractive people are usually born in July, The people who think single life is best, the People who can make any one to listen with words and actions, their caring towards the friends and lifepartners are made them unique characters. Most of the July born people are religious. They will  believe in superstitious. July month people are not the category of fall in relationships, few people maintain long term relations and few break with in a short period of time.


The people who will not give up easily, the people who are extremely confused, the people who are always face  hard situations in their life, less ego, impressive atttidue are belongs to August born people. They are the people who will get cheated by their loved one’s, and they are the people who can make fool to any one. August month people are lives in kind of dreams world, they always wanted their life to live with peace with out any extra tensions but their bad luck always follow’s them.


The people who are ambitious, hard workers, who love independent living, who always falls in gossips reputation, great characters are belongs to these September month people, they will face the failures more than success, but they are not give up category, they always fights for what they want, they can make laugh to somebody and they are quite introvert people.


Most loveable personalities are born in October month, these month category people are always getting into trouble with unwanted things, they love to hang out with friends, they love to spend time with their loved one’s, serious about their life, having clarity on many things are the biggest asset to these October born people. They are not the people who will easily attract and who will easily addict, their commitment towards their work will make a good impression on them.


Extreme matured mindset and extremely childish behavior people are usually born in November month. Relationships will not work out for these people, if they are fall in love with some other one they took more time to completely accept them as their life partner, once they accept, they are the most genuine people who love truly. Impressive attitude and hidden ego are their main weapon. They believe easily to anyone, they share their secrets to a trusted person only.


Last month in the year, The people are smart and intelligent, they can’t judge a person so easily, they are pet lovers, the people who will have big number of friends but less number of genuine friends. Once if  they got cheated by some one else, they will not trust them any more. They love a person extremely high and they will forget easily, they always wanted live their life as their wish, quite ambitious towards life. Impressive things is they are broad minded people.


Here you can see what is your birthday month, people are different according to their birthday month.

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