What is Game of Thrones

what is game of thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular American TV series, the creators of this fantasy drams is David Benioff and DB Weiss for HBO. The adoption of this series taken from the epic novel A song of ice and fire which is written by George R.R Martin. HBO decided to bring this epic novel as TV series, in the year 2011 the world witnessed one of the greatest TV series ever made in history, world wide there is a huge cult following to this epic drama. The final season 8 of epic drama ended in the year 2019  let’s see what is “game of thrones”.

This epic fantasy drama will take you into a separate world if you are addict to this series, This entire series revolve around the “Iron Chair”.

There are two continents in game of thrones world 1:westeros and 2:Essos. The powerful people and houses lives in Westeros continent, where as tribal people and dangerous human kind lives in Essos.

The ultimate villains and fear of death in this series  is “The white walkers”.

The great 9 houses wich rules the westeros world. “House means dynasty” they are

1: House stark 2: House Arryn 3: House Baratheon 4:House Tully 5:House Greyjoy 6:House Lannister 7:House Tyrell 8:House Martell 9:House Targaryen.

These are the houses who fights for the “Iron throne”. We can say Hero’s of this series “House Stark” and villains are “House Lannister”.

If you want to to know about love, politics,  how to make a person to listen, how to make a person fool, how to behave In hard situations, how to survive In odd days, how important is power Etc. These all the elements any one can learn from this epic drama series.

One of the most important characters in game of thrones are 1:John snow, Arya stark, sansa stark, cersi lannister, Jamie lannister,tyrion lannister and The great mother of dragons “Daenerys Targaryen”.

Any thing can happen in game of thrones, sudden twist and turns which will make you shock and awestruck.

If you want to become a story writer or story teller, then game of thrones is the best choice for you


Total 8 seasons and each season will have 10 episode Will have run time of 1hr or less than 1hr, this American fantasy drama will make your time worth, go and watch the 73 episodes of this epic drama.

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