Top Oscar movies


We cant just imagine the cinema world with out the  Hollywood films. Because there is a huge fan following to Hollywood films, Here we can see Top Oscar Movies

Why Oscar Award is so precious:

Oscar Awards are given annually by The Academy of Motion picture Arts and Science(AMPAS). It considered the prestigious Awards Because from all type of Industries members will vote on the various categories, Generally Oscar Awards are Based on the Merit. Now lets See the Top Oscar Movies from the  decades

Top Oscar movies:

1:Titanic: There is no need to give special  introduction about this emotional love drama which is released in 18th November 1997. The Titanic ship and jack rose  story will remain one of the saddest love story ever created by the director. Titanic is the film where every one will connect to the story. That’s the reason why This film grab Oscar award in Best film of the year.


Gladiator is the masterpiece which is released in 1st September 2000.its simple story where Hero of this film “maximus” who waits to take his father revenge and destroy the slavery of the Roman people and set Rome as a free country. Its a must watch film.

3:The lord of the rings: return of the king:2003

One of the best fantasy and adventure film ever produced in history of cinema. This film is for fantasy and adventures movie lovers. The story line, screenplay and  camerawork every thing used perfectly by the director.

4:The Departed 2007

The Departed is a American Crime thriller directed by The great director martin Scorsese. Who ever like the crime drams and thrillers then  this movie is for you. The great man Leonardo Dicaprio acting and martin Scorsese masterful direction will give a memorable experience to the movie lovers.

5:slumdog millionaire 2009

This movie is truly a creative work from the director, this film is about life of the slum people who lives in the city name called Mumbai. These story is revolves around the Jamal and likitha character and how these underdog won one million in the reality show.

6:12 years a slave 2014

This is one of the best emotional and heart touching film of the decade. A biographical film which released in 2013, this film is based on slavery in 18th century, how black people get tortured by the local white mans, a must watch movie in the decade.

7: The shape of water 2018

A fantasy adventures drama which applauds from the audience, story  screenplay  direction every thing is beauty in this film. The story of the film is Elisa A mute girl who is isolated in a research Center and use to work as a sweeping girl there she will find mysterious scald creature in south America water tank. the story line between the girl and creature is just amazing on the screen a must watch film.

8:parasite 2020

First south Korean film which won every one heart and Oscar too.

This is the film is too close to todays society where lower class people wants live a rich life. Master film maker Bong joon-ho directed this epic drama. A sure shot film which every one should watch.

List of top Oscar movies

1: American beauty 2000

2:A beautiful mind 2002

3:chicogo 2003

4:crash 2006

5:No country for old Man 2008

6:The heart locker 2010

7:Kings speech 2011

8:Argo 2013

9:moon light 2017

10:The green book 2018.


The movie’s which I mention here  purely my personal favorite. Oscar films never disappoint the movie lovers its not a easy thing to get the Academy Award.










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