The valentine's day

The Valentine’s Day is about expressing the love and affection towards the loved one’s, it’s a celebration of couples who fall in love with unknown souls and who want’s to travel their life together with bundle of joy and happiness.

Any one in this world can fall in love with any one there is no rule for this.

History of Valentine’s Day

There were few untold  stories behind this Valentine’s Day. Its a story of  Roman priest name called St. Valentine who use to give holy preaches to every one in the Roman country.

A king name called Claudius 2 use to rule the Rome country in Third century AD, He always think single man in roman country will made a better Knights and soldiers compare to man who will have wives and kids. so he oppose every one in the country say no to marriages and not to fall in love with any one.

Many couples from the Rome country get depressed due to the decision taken by the  Roman King Claudius 2.

Valentine oppose the decision of king and continued the performing marriages to the lovers in secret, as per the history he made many young couples get married in secret.

When King Claudius 2 get to know about valentine secret works he decided to give punishment of death to the Valentine.

valentine day

Another story is When valentine was sent to jail for punishment of death orders given by the King, there he saw a girl who is the daughter of jailor he fall in love with that girl and he gifted a greeting card to girl. when the day has came he wrote her a letter signed “From your valentine

All over the world The couples use to celebrate in the name of St. Valentine. Its all about expressing the love, exchange the gifts and spending the some time with loved one’s on Valentine’s day.


Valentine is sacrificed his life because of he want no couples should suffer every one has right to fall in love with any one. Valentine is the man behind this couples day celebrations.

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