The Union Budget Of India 2021-2022

The Union Budget Of India 2021-2022

The finance minister of India “Nirmala sitharaman” introduce “The union Budget of India 2021-2022” in lokhsabha. As many people and economy specialist states that new budget which is proposed by the finance minister will not suitable¬† for common people.

The estimated union budget is 34.83 lakh crores. In this budget FM covers all section of sectors, like health, finance, water, infrastructure etc.

1:2,23,846 crore provided for health and well-being.

2:64,180 crore on PM Aatmanirbhar swasth Bharat Yojana.

3:Aim to set up 17,788 rural and 11,024 urban health and wellness centres.

4:For covid vaccine they provide 35,000 crore.

5:In the name of “Jai jeevan mission” (urban) FM provide 2,87,000 crore to water supply management.

6:Aim is to provide 2.86 crore household tap connections.

7:1,41,678 crore for “urban swach Bharat mission“, Aim to work on reduce plastic usage, how to work on waste management, and reduction of air pollution.

8:For electricity FM provides 3.05 lakh crore. So many states in India did not have any proper electricity, this budget would be helpful for many remote areas and states.

9:1.10 lakh crore for Railways. The new budget for railways creates new corridors and routes, so the new east coast corridor from khargapur to Vijayawada.

10:The new infrastructure for highways in few states like west bengal and Kerala. The budget for these two states is 65,000 crore for Kerala highways, and 25,000 crore for west Bengal highways.


1:For commercial vehicles union government gave permission to drive up-to 15 years and for own vehicles 20 years permitted.

2:Decrease prices on copper material.

3:Increase on petrol price (2.50) Rupees.

4:Increase on diesel price (4) Rupees.

5:Due to increase on customs tax the mobile prices also going to be increase.

6:There is a good news for gold and silver lovers, soon the prices on these two things going to be decrease.

7:Up to 8 crore people will get free kitchen Gas.

8:Hike on imported clothes, and decrease on Indian made clothing brands.

Vision for Aatmanirbhar Bharat

There are few points which raised by the union government on the budget session they are.

1:Nation first

2:Doubling Farmer income

3:Strong infrastructure Roads, projects etc.

4:A good governance.

5:Healthy India, means every one of this nation should have proper food and good education.

6:Opportunity for Youth, Aim to provide good education and jobs for the youth.

7:women empowerment, every women should involve any kind of activity.

8:Education For all, every children of this nation should get good education for their wonderful future.


These are key elements of The union budget of India 2021-2022. What ever the budget but finally only one truth came into existence that, common people always suffers.

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