The social media

The social media

There are various types of social media platforms are available for humanbeings, Revolution of  the social media which create huge impact on the technology and human relations. There are few social media sites which ruling the world companies and the people who are current users are in billions.


First and most important social media site. Where unknown people can  become friends,  where the people who stay far away from family and friends, the people who missed the contact of important relations can find out with The help of this   greatest platform. First social media site which was created by “Mark Zuckerberg” in February 2004 along with college friends.

According to business of apps there were 2.45 billion monthly active  users for facebook in 2019.

The social media


Whatsapp creators are former yahoo company employees, “Jan koum” and “Brain acton“. This two gentlemen founded whatsapp in 24 Feb 2009. Later due to heavy active users,  facebook get the whatsapp in February 2014 for approximately 19.3 billion usd.

What’s app is one of the top most socialmedia site where it can help to send messages, videos, documents, location etc. Most importantly the success behind whatsapp is it’s a user friendly mobile app.

The social media


Instagram is a American social media site where it can use for sharing photos and videos. Creators of instagram is “Kevinsystrom” and “Mike krieger” in the year of 2010, first it was developed only for IOS(apple) later facebook bought the instagram in the year of 2012 for 1billion dollars. Then instagram start available for Android devices in April 2012.

Currently instagram ruling the social platform like boss, from teen to old age people  every one got addict to this instagram.who ever want to become famous then instagram is good choice for them.

The social media


Twitter is professional social platform where number of celebrities use. Twitter is the only way to interact with political members, film stars etc.

Twitter was founded in the year of 2006 march. The  creators of this little bird is Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah glass, and Biz stone. 

Twitter is the simple platform where you can learn any thing by following the pages and people who use to interact with common people, you will gain the knowledge, you can share photos, videos etc. For celebrities first preference is twitter.

The social media .

Advantages of social media

Any person can find and trace their friends who never been touch for long time.

If a girl is travelling alone in public transport so that she inform to her family members, she can share the live location.

Any kind of work will be done through social media, sending important documents,sending pics, transfer money etc. Which is simple solution for all.


One of the biggest drawback is loosing family relationships, most of the family members and friends are spending lot of time in social media which is harm full.

Spending lot of time in social platform, and ignoring the people and important works.

There is no pure emotions between human kind.


Social media is a revolution act in modern world.

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