The Red Light Streets


The Red-light streets commonly known as where “prostitutes” offering their services from behind a window. The Red light Streets women’s are most of  married  and the girls from the backward regions also participate doing  the prostitute .

Why Red-light Streets  are Red:

The Term red light mainly used for  sign of Brothels (A house where men visit prostitutes)

The Reason for Doing prostitute:

1:Most of the women do prostitutes work because of her family problems.

2:A Wife who will not have any Good husband in her home also have chances for doing prostitute.

3:Any women wont choose to get into the Red-light streets and Do  prostitute work by chance, Her family problems and Her needs will turn into do prostitute work.

4:The persons who will run the prostitute houses will target the Poor girls who will study in the colleges, they will ask them and give them an offer of comparing herself and her friends who will have the rich life, this is the main reason for girls who’s desire is live a rich life, they will into the prostitute work and they choose as a part time job.

5: Another main reason for doing prostitute is to get easy money, most of the educate and uneducated girls will seek for easy money for their needs and they don’t want to create herself a problematic to their parents.

Top Red light Streets in The world:

1:Songachi Kolkata, India 

2:patpong market, Thailand

3:kamathipura Mumbai, India

4:De wallen Amsterdam, Netherland

5:pigalle Paris, France

These are the Biggest red light areas in the world.


The Red-light Streets of the people says  That “Sex is also a work” They want to create a faithful and trust among themselves with prostitute work. They cant do any other work because they get habituate with the sex work, the society and people wont consider them as a common women, the people and society thinks What ever they are doing these are all against the customs and traditions. so many states and world countries government set them free and allotted them a particular place.

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