The New President Of USA 2021

The New President Of USA 2021

USA (United States of America) is most powerful country in the world, USA has the power to control the world counties, US President will enjoy the Supreme power,lets find out about “The New President Of USA 2021”.

Joe Biden is the “New President of United States of America” He won over “Republic party member”  Donald trump in 2020 president elections.

Joe Biden becomes the 46th president of USA, he is going to take oath as prestigious president of United States of America  on January 20 2021. All arrangements got ready with heavy tight security.

Kamala Harris going to be first women vice president to USA.

History of JOE BIDEN.

“Joseph Robinette Biden” born November 20, 1942 in Pennsylvania US.

Before entering into politics he worked as a lawyer.

He become the fifth youngest senator when he was 29 years of age.

Biden served as 47th vice president to Obama from 2009 to 2017.

He elected 7 times as a senator which is record. Due to his commitment and hard work he gain good following from the public, Biden belongs to Democratic Party.

The powers of Joe Biden.

As every one knows that president of America will play a critical role in diplomatic relations. He will lead not only America but also world countries, due to high developed country, America got separated reputation amount the world counties.

He will be the Chief of the state, US President chair is top most powerful chair in the world.

He will be act as chief executive to the state.

Biden will be the chief administrator to the USA. Every government plans and schemes will work under his command.

Based on his administration, the dollar rate may increase or decrease.

He is the party Cheif, so he can take necessary actions, he can take party members into his office as give them any kind of administration role.

He has the right to make the things happen and he has right to make things stop. His decisions will make impact on world countries.

He also called as commander chief to the nation which means whenever the things go in wrong direction he can make them set right with his orders.

The salary of President

The salary of US President is 4,00,000 dollars per month, apart from this he will get 50000 annual expense, and 100000 travel expenses.

Joe Biden has good name in public because of his work during the vice president and senator, most of the world country celebrities supported to Joe Biden. He is going to be good ruler and good president in United States of America.

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