The life inside the womb

The Life inside The Womb

You may be men or women what ever position you are enjoying right now, it’s all because of the weight which she bear inside her womb, the human evolution right from the beginning started from inside the mother womb, let’s see how will be The life inside the womb.

The journey will begin with traveling of  30’00’000’00 sperm cells into the women egg, out of 30,00,000,00 only one sperm cell will enter into the women egg. There will be no chance for other cells. We just born because of that one cell, there we got first success.

The DNA of a sperm cell and Egg cell will decide the baby face, personality and knowledge.

The male sperm will have x and y chromosomes and where as female egg will have only x chromosomes.

If male x chromosome will meet with female egg x chromosome then the baby will born as baby girl, if male chromosome will meet female egg x chromosome then the baby will be born as baby boy. The male sperm chromosomes will be decided either it is Boy or Girl.

When sperm enter into egg, it will become fertilize and that fertilize will be called as zygote. after three days of fertilization the zygote will become like a small ball which will have 32 cells inside the ball, that ball will travel from Fallopian tube to womb. From here up-to 9 months the journey of a baby will begin.

1:For first fifteen days nervous cells will begin to form and those cells will be form as brain and spinal line. After 22 days All cell will be formed as heart, that small heart will help to give blood and oxygen to the small baby.

2:After seven week the baby will have legs, hands, the eye Retina will start to develope it’s shape and slowly nose will form.

3:After 9 weeks, the mother will get vomiting sensation, less energy, and tensions. Same as baby brain will develop rapidly, where per every minute the baby brain will have develop 25’00000 neurons. Now mother and baby both should have blood, so The heart beat of mother will be pump fast.

4:After 12 weeks, the baby will have muscles and bones, the height of the baby will be 11cm, after 13 weeks, the baby will have demographic finger prints. Those fingers prints will be not match with any one in the world.

5:In 14th week the baby will start suck the fingers, the decision of right handed and left handed depends on the baby, which hand he/she mostly use to suck  their fingers.

6:In 15th week the size of the baby would be size of the apple. the brain will control baby moments and muscles. In 16th week the baby will start give moments like hitting with legs, small moves etc. The bones will get Stronger, and the navel thread will become strong and big.

7:After 24weeks the baby will have all body organs, but smaller in size, the size of baby will be size of corn maze. Baby use to listen the surrounding sounds, some times they will open their eyes but they can’t see anything.

8:After 26 weeks , due to increase of womb mother will face difficult of breathe, after 33 weeks the baby fat will increase, this cause heavy weight On mother, she will get spinal cord pain and she will not have any good sleeping positions.

9:After completion of 34 weeks, baby brain nervous system and lungs will become mature, in 35th week baby will feel uncomfortable to sleep, in this process the baby will rotate to comfortable position to give birth, the head will be in down position.

10:After 36 weeks, the time of delivery will begin, at any moment and at any time the baby will ready for delivery, the brain will produce necessary Harmon’s to make mother prepare for delivery.

The time of delivery she only bear that pain which no one can explain, at a time she will have pain and happiness. First the head and then remaining parts of the body will come out from the mother womb. There he/she will see the world.


The 9 months of  process, the 9 months of pain, the 9 months of weight, just mother things. These are “The life inside the womb”

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