The facts of kiss 2021

The Facts of Kiss 2021

The kiss is an action which indicates love and affection towards loved one’s. There are types of kisses like a emotional, passionate, greeting etc. A mother use to give emotional kiss to her childrens, a kiss between couples is known as passionate kiss and welcoming a guest through kiss is called greeting kiss. Let’s find out facts of kiss 2021.

1:The world record kiss has been registered in the name of Thai couple called “ekkachai Tiranarat” and Laksana Tiranarat. They kiss each other approximately 58hrs, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, they had continues kissing, they broke the world record.

The facts of kiss 2021

2:when couples lock their lips, the process inside their mouth will produces types of hormones and glands which prevents the Tooth Ache and clean the bacteria.

3:When you kiss some one the lips, your 112 posture muscles and 34 facial muscles use to involve in action.

4:Actually normal kiss burns 6.4 calories of your energy per minute where as passionate kiss burns up-to 20 calories.

5:A kiss will release more than 100 billion nerve cells, happiness hormones through our body.

6:French kiss was discovered by a German soldier who was try to hide from the camp, there he saw a French couple who was kissing passionately, then he revealed to the friends, so that it came into existence.

7:In the process of kissing about 60 milligrams of water, 0.5 milligrams of protein, 0.4 milligram of salt and up to 20000 bacteria would exchange between  the couples mouth.

8:People of France and Italy do much better because they kiss an average of seven times per day.

9:The Sudan country people avoid kissing, because they believe in the process of kissing opposite gender will stole their soul, they want to protect  and they don’t let the soul out.

10:kissing reduces the blood pressure and tensions, it also helps to give strength and energy to the person.


Ancient Egyptian wrote a love poetry on kiss.

“Finally I will drink life from your lips, and wake up from this ever lasting sleep”

“I kiss her before every one, that they will may see my love”

“If you kiss when Im dying, I will arise from the tomb”.

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