The Christmas Saga of 2020

The Christmas saga of 2020:

The Christmas saga of 2020 already has begin. Christmas is  One of the famous festival in the world.

The main reason to Celebrate  Christmas  is, all over the world priests and devotes believe that “Christmas means birth of lord Jesus Christ”.

Most of the world countries has already started the arrangements for decorate the Churches and streets. The smallest country in the world “Vatican city ” have  famous and biggest church.

The Christmas saga 2020

The Christmas festival can celebrate any one in this world.

It Indicates the spreading of love and joy and showing empathy and mercy to others, most of the Christian devotes Don’t encourage the Non violence many people still follows the Jesus  Christ preaches.

Already most of the people  started wearing of Santa clause dress and distributing the gifts to the little kids.

most of the town sides there will be homeless people who use to sleep night times  on pedestrian. for those people, they are distributing the blankets and food packets.

This  kind of humanity work will give hope to the poor people.

Covid impact2020:

1:All of us know the how much bad impact it created to the human being, most of the population around the globe faced a huge financial crisis in Covid time, most of people lost their jobs and number of small and large sector of companies got shutdown completely.

2:Slowly the world countries and their governments  open up their business and invented the vaccine.

3:people got hope on their life’s and lives, This Christmas 2020 festival will give  joy and happiness to the people around the world, some people may celebrate and some people may not, everything just depend on the financial situation in the house.

4:Countries like US, London, Paris, Russia and most of the countries from the Europe has started the early celebrations , city like  Manchester spread Christmas cheers with Donations and gifts.

5:A Mumbai man dressed up like Santa and distributing the sanitizer’s  and face mask to spread awareness on the Covid2020.


The Christmas saga of 2020

“Christmas is the festival of spreading love and peace”











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