The child marriages in India

The child marriages in India: Once upon a time in India, there was a system exist called “The child marriage”.

most of the population in many states still following the “Child marriage” system. The rural areas and many backward states of the people are encouraging this Tradition.

The reason for child marriage

1:One of the main reason for child marriages in India  is lack of “Education” for the Head of the family members in many backward states in India. Because they don’t know the rules and regulations, they don’t even care the rules and regulations.

2:Another main reason is sudden death of  head of the family member(Father), due to this remaining household members will think “The Girl child” would be burden to them and they will not get her good education and they will not consider her feelings and emotions.

3:Still many states in India people Thinking, Child marriage is not a illegal.

4:A heavy debt also consider one the main reason, because local land lords will ask  them to give her daughter instead of paying the money to them.

5: Poverty is main reason for “child marriages”. because of their family position and conditions most of the girl child’s are sacrificing their lives.

The child marriages in india


The common states in India like “uttarpradesh,Bihar,madhyapradesh,maharashtra and westbengal“. These states are Home for the “child Brides”. Uttarpradesh state have 36 million population of child brides.

According to “UNITED NATIONS” over 1.5 million under age girls marry each year  in India.

child marriages has been declared illegal  according to child marriage act 2006.






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