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Samantha Enjoying in Goa

Samantha Enjoying in Goa Samantha made a spiritual journey for peace of mind after her separation from Naga Chaitanya. Now fully recovered from the suffering and busy with movies. Samantha, who then made a spiritual journey to places like Kashi for peace of mind, has started a trip to Goa for mental relaxation.

Samantha flew to Goa with her best friends Shilpareddy and Vasuki. The three wore bikinis and bathed in the beautiful waterfalls there. Posed for photos. Samantha is posting all these things on her social media account under Goa Diaries.

Samantha Enjoying in Goa

Samantha has decided to enjoy the night of December 31 this year in Goa. She arrived in Goa with her gang four days before the incident, and the festivities had begun. Looking at Samantha right now, it looks like she is completely mentally out of her problems.

Samantha Enjoying in Goa

Samantha is currently starring in a movie called Yashoda. The film she has committed in Tamil has not hit the sets yet, and Shakuntalam is in the post-production stage of the film. It is known that the floral item song she did in this gap went viral.

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