Reasons for to go into depression

reasons for to go into depression

Depression is the dangerous disease which will kill the man and women by mentally and physically. It will show huge impact on health conditions, slowly it will make the person to commit suicide, There will be various reasons for cause depression to a man and women, let’s see various “Reasons for to go into depression”

Reasons for to go into Depression


One of the main cause for depression is love, every person will experience this emotion once in a life, either man or women will go into depression. Because of relationship problems between couples like breakup, A man who will cheat on his girl maintain another women or A women cheats her menĀ  and maintain other Relations, These kind of activities will make a person mad and make them think to commit suicide for this dangerous depression ,There are few things to do come out from this love depression.

1:Should have a supportive person for depressed people.

2:should take care of them until they come out from the depression.

3:Should not leave them alone, friends or family members have to take care of them, importantly they need family support, personal counseling should give to them.

2:Financial Problem

Financial problems will cause huge damage to the Total family, Due to over debt of a loan, where the person not able to repay back, A person who lost his/her job and Heavy burden from the family also leads into depression. In some cases, a person will stand as a middle man between taker and giver, when ever the taker escapes to some where the total amount of money should pay this middle person, in this cases most of the people will face depression.The person who will have a positive mindsetĀ  and guts those will escape from this financial depression, Most of the suicide cases registered as “Due to financial problems or depressionĀ  this person commit suicide”.

3:Family Problem

Problem with drunken husband and Illegal affairs, these are the most common things which happens in between husband and wife. Most of the women in household hide their pain, because of her kids in her home she will continue her life with drunken husband. Most of the people don’t like to expose their family problems to the outside world, simply they will face extreme hard situations and fell into depression. A useless husband, A Illegal relationship will make huge impact on their lives, which will cost them huge.


1:The people who will not get the right jobs.

2:The people who wait’s for the movie chances from the long Time.

3: A married girl who face Harrasement from the husband for extra amount of dowry.

4:An actor or actress who lost their chances in movies, who will not get any movie offer since long Time.

5:Students who fail in the exams.



For every problem there will be a solution, let the Fear out which is killing you emotionally and mentally, Face the any kind of situation like a Boss. come out from the Depression and have a happy life.

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