Reasons Behind Telangana State Formation

Reason behind telangana state formation

In June 2nd 2014 a new state was born officially in India called “Telangana”. Its been Dream of sixty years where number of Telangana people fought for separate state, its an emotion for many people. There were Few Reasons Behind Telangana State Formation.

Reasons Behind Telangana State Formation:

In 1953 Madras and Andhra city was got separate from the “Madras presidency” and with 11 districts Andhra city formed as new state with capital city of kurnool.

when Hyderabad becomes new state in India, on the basis of Gentleman Agreement  in 1956  A combined new state was formed called “Andhrapradesh” as capital of “Hyderabad”.

Gentleman Agreement means there should be equal distribution to Telangana and Andhra people, but few years after few political leaders and people break  this agreement start doing region discrimination, this is one of the reason to fought for separate Telangana state.

There was a full of Region discrimination in between Telangana and Andhra, even in  political parties maximum people from Andhra, they use to use Telangana wealth to Andhra region, like giving governments jobs to andhra people, construction of projects, using of water resources etc.

In 1969 Telangana moment was started and many leaders, common people and students from Telangana raise their voices on state and central government to give separate state for Telangana.

After many years again voice of Telangana started  in the year of 2001 April month A new party established in Telangana on single point agenda to get a separate Telangana state called “Telangana rashtra samithi” founded by k chandrashekar rao.

The moment of Separate Telangana protest was extremely went on sky high, The students, many political leaders from telangana started many kinds of protest like hunger strike, damage of government property, committing suicide, participating in huge rally’s etc. these kind of protest made central governments party’s to think on separate Telangana state.

After all the years of fighting and struggles Finally in the month of February 20 2014 the Telangana bill was passed in Rajyasabha by creating 29th state in India and Hyderabad will be common capital of both Andhra and Telangana up to 10 years.



Telangana state has a separate reputation because of  local culture and traditions. it is one of the main state in India.


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