Our Milkyway Galaxy

Our milkyway galaxy

Our Milkyway Galaxy

You might aware about our milkyway galaxy, no one can imagine how huge is our galaxy, millions of stars, numbers of planets.

There is a purpose behind for this creation, every one will have a doubt inside their brain about this universe sun,earth and other planets, let’s find out about all planets in the universe.

1:The Sun

Sun is the biggest start in the universe, it is the first planet which is occupied 98% of the universe, remaining percent occupied by the starts and others planets.

The sun was normally formed as a shape in 4,60,000,000 years back, the length of the sun is 14,00,000 km, which means we can fill 10,00000 size of earth planets inside the sun. The sun has 91% Hydrogen, 8.9% Helium and 0.1% others. Just because of no air in the space, we are unable to listen the thunder and scary sounds of sun. With out sun there is no universe and there is no energy.


Mercury is the smallest and closest planet to the sun, the distance between sun and mercury is just 5,80,00000 km. The core of the mercury is filled with 70% of the Iron.  Due to close length, mercury takes 88 days to revolve around the sun. The  temperature on this planet is 800°F-Heat.


The distance between sun and Venus is 10,80,00000 km. The size of the Venus is same as like earth size so it’s also called as twin sister. The temperature on this planet is like hell which means the total planet is filled with Carbon dioxide . The clouds on this planet filled with sulphuric acid. One of the hottest and dangerous planet in the universe.


We are living on the earth, its our own planet, the distance between sun and earth is 14,96,00,000 km. like other planets, earth is not a hell, earth is evolution of human kind, earth has a Co planet called moon.  Earth takes 365 days to revolve around the sun, the only planet which has ozone layer and protecting from the direct sun rays.


After planet earth, Mars is only planet where the chance to lead a human life, Mars is also called as “Red planet“. It will take 687 days to revolve around the sun, same as like earth, Mars also will have weathers and seasons. In future, Mars is the second home for the human kind.


Jupiter is also called as king of the planets, compare to other planets, Jupiter is big in size, Jupiter is filled with different types of gases, it has powerful magnetic field. As per the NASA Jupiter has 79 co planets like moons. To revolve around the sun for one round it will take 4300 days. Jupiter is one of the biggest and dangerous planet in solar system.


The planet which looks beautiful, after Jupiter Saturn is the second biggest planet, to revolve around the sun for one round, it will take 10,760 days.  The distance between sun and Saturn is 1,426,725,400 km.


The distance between sun and Uranus is 2,90,000,00,00 km. It will take 30687 days  to revolve around the sun for one round. This planet is filled with complete ice, the temperature on this planet is -355°F.


The last planet in the solar system. The distance from the sun is 450,00,000,00 km.To receive sun rays on this planet it will take 250 minutes of time and it will take 60,000 days to revolve around the sun for one round.

The solar system and milky way galaxy.

With out telescope we can see the planets like, mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and saturn. Can’t see All the time, depends on our places we can see those planets.

Like earth, no other planets are safe, we can stay on any other planet with freedom and peace. “Thank you earth and our milkyway galaxy”.

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