Nirbandham Telugu movie review 2020

Nirbandham telugu movie review 2020

Nirbandham Telugu movie review 2020

A first Telugu movie which is released  directly in YouTube, A movie which has many emotional scenes A movie which deal with dark side of criminals, how they will live with society as like a normal persons, A movie which deals with problems faced by poor and other states people in Hyderabad during lock down, lets find out the “Nirbandham Telugu movie review 2020”


This movie revolves around the problem faced by the poor people during the lockdown, what kind of problems they faced, how criminals would do harmful actions on some people, mainly this movie runs on three parallel stories at a  time.

1: Gang of four people

2:migrant workers

3:Asha jyothi  who will travel from Maharashtra to Hyderabad on a bicycle.


On the whole This entire movie carried on his shoulders with his superb performance, his dialogue delivery , his natural acting, The way he used perfect Hyderabad slang just awesome. He is the hero of this film, He is the director, story writer, music director, editor, producer, action director etc. The man behind this realistic crime thriller is “Bandi Saroj Kumar“. He used every craft brilliantly.

The character of Ranjith will be remembered many years, The way he acted and the way he showed two shades criminal at out side and good boy at home is good to watch.

Another important criminal character played by “Anil kumar” who will be seen as “Ashok”. Director portrayed his character in a reality way. his mercy less character will be treat to watch on the screen.

“Devaki” who played the strong  lady character “constable kavya” she also played very well, in a interview director said that he inspired by the real life constable kavya , he also states that she helped him  during one of his film shooting. she is the one who made him write the strong character “constable kavya”.

Last but not least The girl who played “Asha jyothi” just awesome the way she travel from “Maharashtra” to “Hyderabad” to help her father and get him back to their native place.

Final verdict

who ever like to watch reality crime thrillers, who ever want to know what exactly happened at out side  during lockdown then this movie will be the best choice, The dialogues of the film will be make you think. Talented Director “Bandi saroj kumar” again proved himself as a Actor and multitalented person.

Stay of out this movie if your  not a broad minded person. And pay as much as you like to this movie.

nirbandham telugu movie review 2020
My Rating 3.5

Availability: YouTube

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