Naandhi Telugu Movie Review 2021

Naandhi TelugU Movie Review 2021

Naandhi Telugu Movie Review 2021

The Allari Naresh who’s been care of address for full length entertainment and comedy movies, but from past few years this hero struggling to get hit in infront of box office, latest film naandhi creates a good buzz and make every one to watch this thriller drama, let’s see the Naandhi Telugu movie review 2021

Actors: Allari Naresh, varalakshmi sarath Kumar, Praveen,srikanth ayyangar and priyadarshi.

Editing: Chota k Prasad

Music: Sri charan pakala

Producer: Satish

Cinematographer: Sid

Director: Vijay kanakamedala


This entire story revolves around the surya(Allari Naresh) and IPC section 211, how a middle class software employee deals with unknown murder mystery case of  well known social activist, how aadhya(Varalakshmi sarath Kumar) helped to Naresh to come out form the jail, how they faced the problems and solve the case.


Undoubtedly Allari Naresh is the biggest and main asset to this naandhi film, he carry entire film on his shoulders, the complete make over, and acting made him he is not an comedy actor but also a serious intense actor, the emotions which he carry through out the film is best thing in Naandhi.

Varalakshmi sarath Kumar played aadhya character superb, introducing her character before pre interval make every one surprise, she did her role perfect as a lawyer.

Comedian Praveen and priyadarshi did justice for their role, few comedy scenes and emotion scenes come out very well.

Plus points

Allari Naresh intense performance, varalakshimi character, jail and Court setup, story about IPC section 211, Background music, emotional scenes.

Minus points

After engaging first half, second half has few lag scenes, and court scenes between varalakshmi sarath Kumar and srikanth ayangar would have been better, the tempo which director maintain first half, he didn’t handle in second half in few scenes.

Technical aspect

Camera work by sid is impressive, the court setup and jail setup by art director is good, and music by Sri charan pakala is decent and production values are good, it seems  producers haven’t compromised any where.

Coming to the director, he chosen a good story and handle very well, he make impressive debut as a director in Telugu film industry, he told his narration in perfect way.

Final verdict

Naandhi is a very good film where everyone can watch with friends and family members, the subject about section 211 is quite new one, the stellar performance by the Naresh, varalakshmi and other actors make this film to hit infront of box office, a Decent watch for this weekend. Enjoy

Punch line: Allari Naresh come back film.

Rating 3/5

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