Mission Impossible Movie Review and Ratings 2022

Mission Impossible Movie Review and Ratings 2022

Mission Impossible Movie Review and Ratings 2022

Directed by: Swaroop RSJ

Producers: Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy

Music Director: Mark K. Robin

Cinematography: Deepak Vergara

Editor: Ravi Teja Girijala

Mission Impossible is the latest movie to hit theatres this Friday amid decent buzz. Tapsi played the lead role in the film, directed by Swaroop RSJ, the director of Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya. Let’s find out now from our review of this movie set in a good thriller backdrop.


the film is set in a small town in Tirupati going into the story. There are three little guys named Raghupati, Raghava and Rajaram who wander around as a riot retailers wanting to go on a simple big scale in life. Dawood Ibrahim, a notorious gangster, is given a massive reward for his arrest and leaves without thinking of anything to catch. What were the challenges they faced from there? How has their situation changed? On the other hand, what is the role of an Investigative Journalist (Tapsi)? Lost needs to know what those kids will be like to see this movie in theatres.

Plus points:

The background that appears in this movie, in particular, seems a bit interesting. It seems natural for three young children to fall into a risk unknowingly. The three guys in these roles also looked good performance.

The trio not only put on a very confident performance, but also the fun that is generated around them makes good laughs. Also, the emotions that appear on them are good. Also, Tapsi, who appears as another main lead in the film, has done her role well.

It may not seem important, but she gave her best until her row. Also, some of the episodes seen in the movie provide a good thrill. These impress the audience here and there.

Minus points:

It is noteworthy that in this film, they are missed as much as in terms of logic, but the director in his last movie takes other small precautions. This logic is ignored in most scenes.

Going to an area where those kids will catch Dawood seems like the whole process going on around that is silly with no end in sight. Also, in some other scenes, the narration seems to be over-built.

Also, the role of Tapsi seems to have remained a bit nominal after being portrayed as a bit solid and good before. Also, the whole movie does not seem so engaging in the first half. Those kids have to design their characters with even more thrilling elements in the film.

Technical Category:

It has to be said that either the production values ​​or the technical teamwork in this film are decent. The background score given by music director Mark K Robin was a good plus for the film. Also, Deepak Eragara’s cinematography is natural to suit the cinematic theme. Also, the editing is OK, dialogues are good.

As far as director Swarup is concerned, as mentioned earlier, the magic shown in his first film is not as strong as this one. The theme of his chosen theme seems decent, but it would be a bit disappointing to miss it from someone who has made such a good film with logic before.

So that does not make his work too little in the case of this film. It also has thrilling elements that would have given a better treat to the audience if he had taken more care, except that his work is OK.

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