Krack Telugu Movie Review 2021

Krack Telugu movie review 2021

Krack Telugu Movie Review 2021.

Krack is the  first big Telugu film which is released in 2021. It’s Ravi teja most prestigious movie. After facing few flops he tie up with one of the most successful director I’n Telugu film industry Gopichand malineni. let’s see whether it touched the expectations of audience or not.


Ravi Teja, shruthi Hassan, samuthrakani, varalakshmi sarath Kumar,  and apsara Rani.

Director: Gopichand malineni

Producer: Tagore Madhu

Cinematography : GK Vishnu

Music: Thaman

Editing: Naveen Nooli

Release Date: 09-01-2021


Veera Shankar( Ravi Teja) is a powerful and crazy police officer who will play with three criminals in different cities, the only criminal katari(samuthrakani) who turn rebel against hero, how long he went to kill hero reputation what kind of plans he made to kill him is the whole story of the film.


As all you know, Ravi Teja is the performer of this film, again director shows vintage Ravi Teja with powerful police character, the dialogue delivery, those intense fights, Dance moves, everything did his role  perfect, this is the third time collaboration of hero and director.

Shruthi Hassan played very well and can say her come back role but her character in this film quite less, audience can see her only in some scenes and songs. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar did her negative role good. And samuthrakani who played katari character is superb, the scenes between hero and villain are lit.

The way director show case Every one in this film is just brilliant, Story might be old, but the screenplay and his vision just awesome. The choreography of fights are did really well.

Technical Aspect

The editing of this film is good there is no long duration, another important stuff of this film is music director thaman who gave good songs and ultimate BGM, he replied with his music to the trolls. The cinematography work by the G.K Vishnu is good, he used his frame and lens really well.

One of the major highlight of this film is it’s production values, producer kept lot of money on this film the quality and richness can see every where one the screen.

Final Verdict

Director gopichand malineni used his chance perfect. The elevation scenes of the hero showcased very well, he deal with simple story and put his maximum efforts on this film.

This movie is for class and mass audience who can enjoy from staring to ending, mainly it will run and will have huge mass audience in B and C centres. First block buster Telugu film in 2021.

Rating 3.25/5

Krack Telugu movie review 2021

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