Jathi Ratnalu Telugu Movie Review 2021

Jathi Ratnalu Telugu Movie Review 2021

Jathi Ratnalu is a film which was created so much hype in recent times, this film produced by Priyanka Dutt and Nag Ashwin, let’s see Jathi Ratnalu Telugu Movie Review 2021 whether it satisfied the audience or not.

Starring: Naveen polishetty, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Faria Abdullah, Brahmaji, Bramhanandham, Vennala Kishore.

Producer: Nag Ashwin

Directore: Anudeep K V

Music Director: Radhan

Cinematography: Siddam Manohar

Editor: Abhinav Danda


The film starts in a small town called “Jogipet” and its about three best friends “Naveen polishetty, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna”  who had a kind of bad reputation in their village one fine day these three young people decided to move from jogipet to Hyderabad to settle their lives and somehow they manage to live in a good apartment in Banjarahills, all of the sudden they frame into the attempt murder case by local MLA (Murali Sharma) Rest of the story is how these innocent gang escape from this case and how they proved themselves that they are not involve in any crime.


Without any doubt, anyone can say “Naveen polishetty ” is the major highlight and gave a stellar performance with his acting and performance he is just terrific in his comic role, he just carries the whole film on his shoulders, his dialogue delivery, one line comedy punches are the main asset to this film.

After Naveen, Priyadarshi and Rahul did fantastic roles these two actors gave maximum support to Naveen to deliver a great cinematic experience with their comedy timings, and heroin Faria Abdullah gave a decent performance, scenes between lead pairs will make laugh everyone, Bramhanandham Re-entry is decent.

Technical Aspects 

Production values are pretty decent, there is enough richness in film, producers haven’t compromised to this medium budget film.

music by Radhan is impressive, his latest addition “chitti” song got a huge response from the audience remaining songs that he composed are pretty decent and the BGM score are impressive.

There are no complaints about Cinematography and editing, both departments are well and good.

Coming to the director “Anudeep”  his writing and direction are simply superb, whatever the story he choose, he just gave exact output to the audience and he made an excellent film. it seems the Telugu film industry found another EVV and Jandhyala.

Plus points

Naveen polishetty and other actor performance. comedy timings, one-line quotation punches worked really well, songs, run time, first half, climax court scene, writing, and direction.

minus points 

A little bit of lag in the second half, as the makers told earlier this film is made to laugh every one so nothing to point out for minus points.

Final verdict

No more shits and no more dramas, go to this Gem and you will not disappoint, you will come out with a happy face,  A good choice for this weekend.

Punch line: “A complete satisfactory comedy entertainer”.


conclusion: Jathi Ratnalu Telugu Movie Review 2021

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