How To Propose a Girl on Text

How to Propose a Girl on Text

How to propose a girl on Text

There are different ways to propose a girl, not every girl like to get ring to her finger, every girl has different mind set and different thinking, some may like get propose by giving any kind of rings, some girls like to get simple red rose, and some girls like to get big surprise not every one same. every one has their own identity, most of the boys think over the line that how to propose her what kind of gift should give to her, where to take her etc. These are all common doubts every boy will have inside their brain. Another simple way to impress a girl, lets find “How to propose a girl on Text”.

If you really like Her, Don’t waste your and Her time by just looking her and smiling and having your own satisfaction, it really wont work out, you will just get self satisfaction.

Talk to her with confident, smile little and speak out what exactly you want to tell, most of the girls like The Guy who look confident and The Guy who will have a mature mind set.

1:Start a good conversation and build your conversation with variety of topics.

2:Dont lag a Topic too much, because she may have other boys in line, so text what she like, your text should be on her perspective, her interest on many things.

3:Your text and chatting should be different from other boys, Don’t get boar your self to her.

4:When you finish and build a healthy relationship with her, Just propose her.

5:Your propose should be genuine, Don’t copy other’s style, just text what you are feeling right that moment.

6:Tell her what you like in her, why so she special to you , Tell her what will you do to make her happy.

7:Dont do over promises, promise her little, and Don’t over praise her, every thing should be in cool manner.

8:Dont force her to accept your love, because she a girlĀ  she use to think everything about her family, mainly she must think about you, when ever she feel that you are something special, when ever she find her happiness in you, then she will agree for sure, give some time to Her.

9: No girl accept your proposal immediately, because you are not a “Hero”

10:Do your best in texting and leave the rest Don’t ever again ask about result if she like you, she will text her self first and she will get back to you.

how to propose a girl on text


The above points are “how to propose a girl on text” make sure that There should be healthy and good relationship between boy and girl.

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