How to maintain perfect Relationship

how to maintain perfect relationship

There are two types of couples in society, Arrange marriage couples, and love marriage couples. In every home, most of the couples use to fight each other for some various reasons, which is not even considered an important thing. Some couples fight for peace and some couples fight to understand each other, lets find out How to maintain  Perfect Relationship.

One of the most important aspects of every relationship is trust and belief, couples should have a good and healthy relationship with each other, whoever will have doubts and misunderstanding on their partner, then fights and problems will start.

Most of the Arrange marriage couples will have a happy life because before her marriage A girl will never have any idea about his husband. when he surprise, when he understands her feelings, she will start show love and affection towards Him.

In Arrange marriage There will be no expectations whenever something good happens in their life, the couples will feel wonder and surprise.

Love marriage couples will definitely have problems because of her over expectations on him, The original character of men and women will come out after marriage whenever their desires will grow, Then their expectations of each other also will be sky-high. so women partner will disappoint on him for not to make her dreams and desires come true, then the arguing between couples and fighting will start.

How to maintain perfect Relationship

1:A girl or wife should have respect for her husband’s decisions.

2:He must give independence to her thoughts and her decisions.

3:Should have mutual Respect between them.

4:Both must inform each other about their doing of work and taking any decisions. any one them shouldn’t hide any outside and inside matters.

5:He must have patience with the childish behavior of her. He should take care of her like how her family members use to take care of her.

6:She must support him in every situation no matter what and should support him in Hard situations.

7:For every problem couples should solve by talking to each other.

8:Fight less and love more.

9:In every relationship The possessiveness is common, but it should not reach out of the line, whenever it becomes a habit, the problems between couples will start again, less possessiveness will lead to a happy life, everything is to depend on trust, if there is no trust factor, those relationships will end soon.

10:more caring and over love also will cause uneasy between the couples, a certain point of time in life should have mature love between them, then no couple will face any problems in life.


Where There is Trust, there will be a Good and Perfect Relationship!!

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