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How to increase speed of website

How to increase speed of website

Your blog should be a place where you can share your thoughts and ideas with the world, but if it’s taking forever to load, no one will stick around long enough to read a sentence. In this post, we’ll take a look at 7 ways to speed up your blog by examining how things like coding and plugins affect the loading time of your site.

How to increase speed of website in 7 ways

1) Use an optimized theme

2) Optimize your images

3) Optimize your plugin

4) Enable caching for better performance

5) Optimize your site with Google Page Speed Insights

6) Group similar plugins into the same folder

7) Minimize redirects

How to use caching plugins?

How to increase speed of website

Caching plugins are one of the best tools available to speed up your site. They store static files like images, CSS, and JavaScript files on your server so that visitors download them from there instead of the web server. This saves a lot of time for your visitors and can increase your site speed by a considerable amount.

How can you optimize images?

If you want to speed up your blog, the simplest way is to optimize the images. This will require a lot of experimentation and tweaking, but it’s worth it. A word of caution: don’t use too many graphics on your blog because most people won’t want to wait for them to load.


The best way to speed up your blog is to increase the speed of your website load time. To do this, you can optimize images, compress other media files, and reduce the number of plugins your site uses. These are all relatively simple tasks you should be able to accomplish on your own with a little patience and research.

How to increase speed of website

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