Google Adsense Approval Trick 2021

google adsense Approval

Google Adsense Approval Trick

Google Adsense Approval Trick  Hi friends, today let’s see How to apply for Google Adsense and how to get approval for our website. First of all, before we use Adsense, we need to see how our website looks like, so let’s go into the topic…

Hi, friends. My name is Naresh am a Digital Marketer.

Google AdSense is one of the largest contextual advertising networks in Asia. The only thing they would need is a new account from them. Here is how to get AdSense approval. If ads have been sent onto your site it’s likely that they are paid for by you because AdSense is the leading online advertising software program for advertisers to serve ads. To improve sales I’m already preparing an article about how to Increase AdSense revenues by 200%. In order to boost page ranking lookup SEO tricks. The niche of your site also helps. Some niches are extremely profitable some have low earnings.

how to get AdSense approval fast Before applying to Google Adsense Approval Trick, we need to know where the traffic to our website is coming from, whether From Google search or social media, or any of us are our friends or our rounds are often our website Need to know whether to keep opening.

google adsense Approval Trick 2021

Where do we need to know this stuff? Where do we know? I mean … if we link our website to Google Analytics, we can find out as mentioned above.

We need to know how old our website is because the older our website is, the easier it will be for our website to get approval from Google Adsense. Also, we need to have some pages on our website.
Those pages are Home, About, Contact, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Policy, And Disclaimer. This page should be on our website.

Articles on our homepage should look very good. People who come to our website on the Contact page will have any problem with our website, and if they want to contact us, they will have to put our email ID or Contact Form on this page. Then they will contact us if there is any problem.

If any conditions on our website on this page, they should be clearly stated. Privacy and Policy On this page, people should let us know that they will not be bothered by submitting their mail ids on our website. Disclaimer On this page, we will write about every single article we report on our website, if there is any problem if they are using anything, how should they contact us, how should we talk to them, how can we give them a response? After all, these pages on our website should have some traffic; then, we need to apply This is one of Google Adsense Approval Trick

google adsense Approval Trick 2021

Apply for Google Adsense

How do we apply for Google Adsense Approval Trick First, we have to go to, where we have to click on Signup; we have to write down everything that appears below and submit our website.
After submitting it to our website, we will find a code in Google Adsense. We have to copy the code and paste it into the head section of our website.

This Google Adsense approval may take one to two weeks. Then the ads will appear on your website upon arrival, and Payment depending on the number of people coming to your Website. Whenever you have $ 100 in your account, Google will deposit the money into your bank account.

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If this Google Adsense does not give you approval, then all we have to do is make sure that our website is correct, that is, that the articles are in 1000 words. Also, make sure we put any content on our website because Google punishes us with any article related to drugs related to legal. Also, you need to see if your website is of interest to Google if you do not. Go to the Google Search Console website and add your website if you do not know how to do it. visit here:
You can see the videos on my channel above and apply.

google adsense

After applying, you will be able to use Google again. Once made, the money will start coming in if you like. If you think we need to make more money from Google, you need to do some good Keyword Research on every article you write. Go to WWW.ADS.GOOGLE.COM and check each keyword.
If you do not know how to do Keyword Research, you can go to the YouTube channel shown above and watch this video.

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