Facts Of What’sapp New Privacy Policy 2021

Facts Of What'sapp New Privacy Policy 2021

From last one week there is a news where trending in the internet and where every one around the world getting confused about new privacy policy update which is released by the what’s app, let’s see the facts of what’sapp new privacy policy 2021.

All of us know that what’sapp is a part of facebook, in 2014 facebook got what’app for 19 billion dollars. Facebook will get the revenue from the ads, every one might aware of ads that whenever you scroll down your facebook or instagram, there you can see ads. Those ads will display by the facebook, the corporate companies use to give money to facebook for displaying their company product on user interface.

Like how facebook and instagram will get revenue, but when comes to what’sapp it won’t generate any revenue from other sources, it’s just a messaging app.

The latest privacy policy is all about, what’sapp won’t share our chats, and personal pictures to facebook, it will share our location data, where we are staying near by places and surrounding places. Because facebook will get to know that user interest, what kind of product they are looking for  like mobiles, clothing, accessories etc. Depends on our interest, they will display the ads in our facebook account. This is what what’sapp will share to facebook.

In any messaging app there will be a feature called end to end encryption, which means no other person will not read or share the personal chats, it’s all about between two persons. Facebook won’t see personal stuff, they are just updated their privacy policy for ads to make revenue.

Most of the users already installed a new app called Signalit is also a social messaging app which is developed by the whatsapp co-founder. It getting good downloads across the globe. It also have end to end encryption which is safe and secure, so signal app will get revenue from user donations, like they include one option called donation, so who ever like the app they can donate as much as they like.

We are living in internet world, Every app is safe if we use it perfectly, it depends on individual persons. So no one can read a personal chat.

Which app is best

It depends on you, if your maximum and important persons using whatsapp then stick to it,  if not replace with new app, because its not useful for you, if you only use new app, every one should install and every one should try, then only you can communicate.

Don’t be panic for new privacy policy of whastapp, because there is rule and structures where every company should follow, other wise government will ban those apps. Don’t worry!!


These are the Facts Of What’sapp New Privacy Policy 2021.

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