Drushyam 2 Movie Review

Drushyam 2 Movie Review

Cast: Venkatesh, Meena, Kritika, Esther, VK Naresh, Nadia, Tanikella Bharani, Annapoornamma, Sampath Raj, Poorna, Satyam Rajesh, Shafi etc.
Cinematography: Satish Kurup
Music: Anoop Rubens
Producers: Suresh Babu, Anthony Perumbavoor, Rajkumar Sethupathi, Jaker K Babu
Written by: Jeetu Joseph
Length: 157 minutes
Venue: Prime Videos
Rating: 3.0

OTT content became immensely accessible. It does not fit the audience if it provides a mild thrill. Satisfied only when choked with unexpected twists. Scene-2 ​​movie provided plenty of such seat edge thrill. In fact, no other film released in recent times on OTT and in theaters has been able to provide this level of thrill.

Everyone knows that Scene is a super hit movie. The reason for that is the unexpected twists in it. Most importantly, the audience was thrilled to learn that the hero had buried the dead body in the middle of the police station during the climax. To continue the film from that point onwards one has to put in even more thrilling elements. More emotion must flow. Exactly Jeetu Joseph did the same.

Drishyam-2 has thrilling elements that are not taken lightly by Drishyam. Otherwise the audience who expects too much with the feeling given by the scene will be a bit disappointed. Although Rambabu (Venkatesh)’s intelligence is higher than we can imagine.

That does not remove Scene-2. From the beginning until the greeting card falls, the movie continues to be engaging. Full marks can be given to the director in this regard. The screenplay he writes impresses everyone. But even here a small correction must be made. The Malayalam version of the film has already been released.

That too in the OTT. If there is any Telugu audience who has seen the Mohanlal version, this Venkatesh version may not be as big. There will be no such excitement.

In the first part, Rambabu (Venkatesh) and his wife Jyoti (Meena) and children Anju (Kritika) and Anu (Esther) come out of the Varun murder case with their intelligence. Now when it comes to the sequel all the Rambabu family situations will change. In six years, Rambabu will move from theater to producer level with a passion for his own film. He is planning to make a movie. Meanwhile, parents IG Geeta Prabhakar (Nadia) and her husband Prabhakar (VK Naresh), who lost their child Varun, are settling in the US.

But they often come to Rambabu’s village in the hope that one day their child’s body will be found. On the other hand, the newly arrived IG (Sampath Raj) is secretly re-investigating Varun’s case. From there again the Rambabu family faces challenges. Will Varun’s body come out again? The rest is the story of how Rambabu saved his family this time.

Jeetu Joseph, the director of the familiar story, did magic with his screenplay. Rambabu, the director who devoted the first part to Profession and Emotions, devoted the second half to his screenplay twists and turns. Emotional content was missed in the second half of this sequence. However, the subject does not come to the mind of the audience at large. The director wears locks everywhere and takes them to the climax.

Venkatesh once again showed his acting talent. Mohanlal, who did it in Malayalam, entertained with his own expressions, though not so much. Meena, Nadia and Naresh did justice to their roles. Technically, Jeetu Joseph’s screenplay and cinematography are good. The music of Anoop Rubens did not impress much.

Overall Drishyam-2 movie impresses everyone. If the audience has not seen the original version of the film is sure to fall.

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