Best telugu movies in 2020

Telugu film industry is one of the top most industries in the world. There are many films which got release in 2020. In early 2020 some big movies hit the box office screen and got applauds from the audience, due to covid some of the movies postponed to few months, later other good films also got release in OTT platform. lets find out the best Telugu movies in 2020.

Best Telugu movies in 2020

1:Ala vaikunthapurramullo :

The movie which ruled the Indian box office with the huge collections, This Rom-Com movie won hearts of  all section of audience, Stylish star alluarjun the actor who acted as main lead will be remembered as bantu character life long.

The director trivikram srinivas  came up with good script, The story, screenplay and last but not least the movie songs which will remember many years thanks to music director Thaman.

This movie estimated box office collection was 262 Crore.

best telugu movies in 2020

2:sarileru neekevvaru:

Superstar Mahesh babu as major ajay is the biggest plus point to the movie the way he carried total film on his shoulders just amazing.  After many films fans was witnessed mahesh babu comedy angle and dance he did for “mind block” song which gave Goosebumps to the fans, Director “anilravipudi” used his chance in perfect manner.

This action comedy movie is one of the biggest movie which released in 2020. The estimated box office collection of this movie is 260 Crore. This movie satisfied to all section of audience.

best telugu movies in 2020

3:HIT: The first case:

One of the best movie which was released in 2020. This Dark crime thriller was gave  suspense thrilling to the audience. From starting to ending the way film grab the attention of audience with screenplay and story telling just awesome. entire movie revolves around the A girl who was kidnapped by the mystery persons.

young hero “vishwak sen” does a great job in police role, his  dialogue delivery and reality acting made audience happy, debutant director sailesh kolanu used his chance in perfect manner. A must watch film in 2020. The estimated box office collection of this movie was 8.5 crore (opening weekend).

best telugu movies in 2020

4:uma maheshwara ugra Roopasya:

A simple story of a photographer mahesh, A movie which showcase the human emotions, This simple and smooth experience movie which was released in july.

This movie made a Tag line  “complete hero” to the underrated actor “satyadev”, Director “venkatesh maha” proved once again what he can do with his vision. This movie would recommend to all section of audience. A must watch movie in 2020.

best telugu movies in 2020

5:palasa 1978:

A film which deal with “Ambedkarism ”  How the caste politics were worst in village called “palasa” 1978.

A Raw and reality movie which got applauds from the all group of audience, The srikakulam dialect(slang) used in perfect manner, A movie with deep hidden meaning and A movie which has many heart touching dialogues, A must watch film for who like bold and rustic films.

best telugu movies in 2020

Apart from this movies there are few more movies which got success in small screen OTT, These 5 movies are worth watch.

These movies are available in different OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime video.

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