Best Korean Thrillers You Should Watch

Best Korean thrillers you should watch

Korean thrillers got huge fan base around the world, the makers thinking, their execution on film making just mind-blowing things, basically most of the people from thriller zone fans, here you can see best Korean thrillers you should watch,these films are highly recommend and worth watch.

1:Old Boy (2003)

These revenge drama will make your brain out and make your time worth.

One of the best Korean thrillers ever made, this film is All about revenge how a  you cant even expect the twist which comes in climax.

who ever likes thrillers and disturbance scenes then guys this film is for you don’t miss this gem. But weak heart people and the one who don’t like volinace better to stay away from this film.

2:Memories of murder (2003)

A slow Poison film, once you get addict to this film, then this is the one which will be in your playlist.

It’s a story of real psycho killer who use to kill teen and old age women’s in Korean country  in the year 1980 time period, master director Boong joon created this cult classic master piece, the way he run screenplay and the way he used all the technical department will make you awestruck, the two detectives who try to catch the killer, the episode between them will make us laugh. So don’t miss this master piece.

3:I saw the Devil (2010)

A Film which starts with a women murder who is wife of a police officer, the scene which she get killed by the killer will make you distrub, a film which shows the true emotion of revenge, what if a good police office would turn into bad psycho guy.

The direction, screenplay, story and fights every thing used perfectly by the director.

The performance of the lead actors are pure lit which will give you great cinematic experience.

4:parasite (2019)

The film which won hearts of million people, the film which won Oscar for best foreign film, the film which won Oscar for best film, the film which won  Oscar for best director.

A movie which tell example of there is no barrier for cinema, a good cinema will make every one claps. Parasite is a movie about life of poor and rich people, how rich people thinks and how Poor people think. What will happen if poor people wants to enjoy their owners life, this parasite movie show case each and every emotion I’n dark thrilling way, the story and screen play are the biggest plus to this movie, no need to give special introduction  about parasite movie, just go and watch this ultimate cult class who is created by master director Boong joon. the climax of this film will make you cry for sure.

5:Train to Busan (2016)

Who ever like to watch thriller and zombie film at a time then this train to busan is a perfect choice, this film is about small girl who wants to meet her mother who lives in busan state, the total film will take place I’n a train, how the passengers of train face the zombies, how virus was attacked to the innocent people of Korea every thing you should watch on screen. Apart from zombies, this film is all about relationship of  A father and daughter, the scenes between father and daughter will make emotional to every one, a perfect family thriller who wants to watch with parents.


These are the best Korean thrillers you should watch, these films will make your time worth.

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