A women love

A women love

A women love is so precious there are many different types of women love, she can be our mother ,she can be our sister, she can be our friend and a she can be our life partner. In every stage every person will play a important major role in men’s life.

Her loveĀ  and her heart is so sensitive even women’s are so delicate. They don’t expect much from the men’s. A mother will expect a good and responsible son, A sister will expect fun and protective Brother, A friend will expect Genuine Character from him, A life partner will expect Caring and understanding Husband. These are the common expectations where every women will have.

A mother love

mother love is so precious a mother always look up for her children’s she carry from her womb and she will introduce the boy and girl to the world, no one can match with mother love and caring.

A sister love

Who ever have elder or older sister in home then the boys are so lucky. if you are a elder than your sister then she is the one who will play with you, she is the one who will torture you and she can be your personal bank account, a sister never show’s her love towards the brother she will show her love with her activates, She can proudly says I have a Brother.

A Friend love

every girl will have a male best friend every girl will have ocean of secrets which only they can share with them, she expect only one thing from him A genuine character.

A life partner love

Every girl will have a day where she must leave her own home where she enjoys her freedom, where she can demand anything. but when get marry she will feel kind of insecurity because she is entering into a new family, she will expect only few things from his husband, Caring love and understanding. every man must give a freedom of taking decisions to Her then only she will be good guardian of a Home.

A women love

A women heart is a deep ocean of its secrets“. These lines would perfectly suits to the women’s all over around the world, should have travel with her to know and should have explore the world with her then any man in this world can understand Her.

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